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Elisa Brickner Annual Poetry Contest 2010: 2010 Winners have been selected! It was wonderful to hear them read their poems Sat, Aug 14. Below are the winning poems:

First Place Winners:
Begin Again.
Aliza Astrow,
(Junior High).

Let me begin again
As a pencil
Moving swiftly
Across a once-blank page.
Hesitating at a comma,
But never stopping
The continual
Rush of words,
Until my tip breaks
And I shed my skin
Like the serpent
I write about.

Let me begin again
As a stream
In a perfect flow.
Never to be obstructed
By a silly rock
Or any bump
That tries to stop me.
Pushing on,
My once timid,
Quiet manner forgotten.

Let me begin again
As me.

Musings on Homecoming.
Claire Wiener,
(High School).

A diverse range of meanings mark this word
as one of the most difficult to pin down;
To a refugee, a far gone dream of a place they hope their children will see,
to me, a tangible reality
that lies just a few squares forward
from today’s date in its own square on my calendar---
But even to me it takes on a multitude of meanings:
The sight of my own front door opening inwards into a plain but warm living room
sometimes it’s the sweep of green and golden agricultural land
marked out in circles by the necessity of center pivot irrigation
under the wings of a Denver bound plane,
or the dusky mountains lined with sandstone
and bristling with sweetly scented Ponderosa pines.
And yet
it’s the first sight of green tunnels,
trunks bending inwards in a polite bow to the black tar and asphalt of the road
branches sweeping overhead over the centerline in a green sunshade;
A view of the ocean beyond green fields;
Entering a musty smelling house with colorful and familiar rooms.
Walking out your own door sometimes is a dangerous thing
and a homecoming can never be without meaning for me
knowing that though I am home and my life will resume
I am not entirely the same.

Second Place Winners:

As I Get Off the Bus...
Isabella Quinones,
(Junior High).

As I get off the bus, I check to see if my hair is scraggly
It is
It always is
I never have time to brush it
My mother always yells,
Remember to brush your hair
And I always reply,
I’m reading my book, I’ll be down in a minute
But maybe,
Maybe I don’t want to care about how I look
Maybe I don’t want to brush my hair
In the morning
Maybe I don’t want to change my shirt
Even though I have been wearing it
For as long as I can remember
And maybe, just maybe,
I don’t want to take a shower and put deodorant on
But the girls at school
They make a big fuss over
If I walk in wearing a dress and actually remembering to
Shave my legs
They take me in as their own.
But if I forget to do all of this,
And show up in messy braids, a stained t-shirt
And cheap Walmart jeans they turn me away
As if I weren’t the same girl as I was

Plantain Chips.
Ava Geyer,
(High School).

The secret of plantain chips
is that they are tasteless----
like the gnawing on the sole of your own shoe,
or letting the communion wafer melt in your mouth,
for bliss.

Plantain chips are like everything
else I
serve up
on this rollicking, heaving,
beast of dreams:
the coconut “fudge”,
the watery rum punches,
the vacant smiles that say:
“I am too provincial,
too 2-dimensional,
to fully appreciate
the deep-seated irony,
the privileged strains
of your liberal joke---
but I will punch your ticket
and let
so you can turn to the
40 year old paralegal from Rhode Island
next to you
and complain about the service.
from the smiling sun
to the blue blue sea
is right where you imagined it to be---
but your digital camera,
your toddler

and your hangover somehow
distracted you
so that when you get home-
you will find yourself longing
for the sun.

Has it ever occurred to you,
that I , too
sometimes long for the sun?
I’ve lived my life underneath it;
It’s absorbed my fears and my
traumas, too
And sometimes
don’t you ever
just want to
get away?

This contest, now in it's 15th Year, was created to foster a love and appreciation of poetry. Click here for more details about the contest!

Sandpipers at the Library: Stories and Songs for All Ages 
Tuesdays & Saturdays, 10:30 –11:15 AM

Come join Kristin for fun, music, and story-telling!

For more information call Kristin at the Chilmark Public Library 508-645-3360

  Arts and Crafts After-School Program
Come join Irene the for Arts and Crafts After-School Program!


This is a Free series open to age 6 and up. Children under 8 must be accompanied by a parent/caretaker at all times. For more information call Irene at the Chilmark Public Library 508-645-3360

Elisa Brickner Memorial Poetry Contest 2010 (For children entering grades 6-12):

Now in its 15th year, was created to foster a love and appreciation of poetry.  It is sponsored by the Brickner family to commemorate Elisa Brickner, who died in an accident at age 17 in 1973.  A poetry corner in the Chilmark Public Library was established in her memory in 1974 and has been growing ever since.

Details of the Contest: 
•  The contest is open to young people entering grades 6 to 12.
•  There are two categories; junior high-grades 6 to 8, and high school - grades 9 to 12.
• You are invited to submit an original poem:  any length and style and on any subject. One poem may be submitted per person.
• There is no residence requirement.
• Entries should be typed on 8 ½" by 11" paper. Submit your poem without your name and address on it. A cover sheet must be included - put your name, phone, address and grade category on the cover sheet. Do not put your name and address on the poem sheet - put that info on your cover sheet.
• The winner in each category (grades 6 to 8 and 9 to 12) will win $200.  The runner-up in each category will win $100.

• Three judges from the island's literary community will select the winning poems. The winning poems will be read at a ceremony at 5:30 p.m. On Monday August, 16th at the Chilmark Public Library. Each poet will read his or her poem. Winning poems are kept in an album in the Elisa Brickner poetry corner at the Chilmark public library.
• Postal mail, email, fax, or delivered in person by 5:30 p.m. Monday,  August 9th to:

Program coordinator - Kristin Maloney
Chilmark Public Library
P.O. Box 180
(South Road at Beetlebung Corner)
Chilmark, MA 02535

Phone: 508-645-3360,
Fax: 508-645-3737

Elisa Brickner Memorial:
2010 Poetry Contest Winners!

High School:
First Place - Claire Wiener
Second Place - Ava Geyer

Junior High School:
First Place - Aliza Astrow
Second Place - Isabella Quinones


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