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The Friends of the Chilmark Public Library is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization.
Susan Murphy, President

Write in care of Linda Thompson, Secretary
P.O. Box 434
Chilmark, MA 02535
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A letter from the Friends of the Chilmark Public Library.


The Friends of the Chilmark Library, Inc.

Post Office Box 434

Chilmark, Massachusetts 02535-0434

May 2014

Dear Friends,

       You have had a busy, productive year! Thanks to your past gifts to the Friends of the Chilmark Library, you have celebrated the tenth anniversary of the opening of the new building with generosity, style and foresight. You have funded a renovation to the library’s landscape plan at Beetlebung Corner. You have purchased new audio-visual equipment for the media room, vastly upgrading a system that was original to the building. You supported the future staffing of the library by funding the Cathy Thompson a scholarship that a part-time library staff member is using towards her advanced degree in Library Science.

But that is just what you did to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the new building. What you regularly do is help bridge the financial gap between the Town’s annual budgeted funds for the library, and the library’s actual operating costs, a regular shortfall of about 25%. This year your gifts covered expenses related to the library’s CLAMS (Cape Libraries Automated Material Sharing) conversion: training for library staff, funding for additional personnel for CLAMS-related cataloging, and the purchase of three receipt printers. You also sponsor an ongoing technical support program for patrons needing instruction navigating the new technology.

       Additionally, you bought books. You replaced the aging server. You funded the costs of the summer reading program and the summer evening lecture series. You provided off-season activities including the December book sale, The Vineyard Classic Brass Ensemble concert, the holiday party, the off-season café, the “dead of winter” Friday night movies, and all the invisible advertising expenses that make these events well-attended by the island community.

        Your continued support of the library is absolutely integral to its ability to function as we know it. For all of us whose lives are so much richer because of this remarkable library, thank you so much for your generous gifts.


 Susan Murphy, President


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